01. In the Beginning
02. Stranger Within 
03. Blow 
04. Dare to Fall
05. Endless Beauty
06. Beyond the Lie
07. The Best Damned Night
08. The Mirror of the Blind Man
09. Erotechmania
10. Genesi


01. Cain (single)
02. Vellum
03. Door of Perception (single)
04. The Hourglass
05. Motherly
06. The Hole
07. Puppets of Chaos

AvenueLie is an artistic collaboration born in 2013 between Valerio Castiglioni (voice and guitar) and William Battiston (drums), musicians of Homerun, an italian hard rock band that published two albums (by Avalon Marquee and Fastball Records labels) with a great success ​in Japan and in Northern Europe. 

In October 2015 AvenueLie released the debut album called “GENESI:” and they signed with Alpha & Omega (Como - ITALY). 

On May 22nd 2015 the “Genesi” tour started at Ray Just Arena in Moscow, as special guest for Guano Apes, with the collaboration of Marco Mariani on guitar (Sundust) and Matteo Mariani on bass. 
The tour continued with a series of important gigs, including the Pain of Salvation and Michael Angelo Batio tour support, the ArtMania Fest (with Katatonia, Ihsahn & more) and many others. 

In 2022/23 AvenueLie released two singles from the new album "Eva".  The full-length was release in June 2024.